Learn Speak Japanese Free In One Two Three #3 – Start to Fluency in 4-8 Months

After travelling around Australia for over 2 years I realised that… Speaking more than one language is not uncommon and actually impressive. What’s more impressive than being able to speak one of the hardest languages in the world and having that on your resume?

Well, it definitely opened up a lot of opportunities for myself and because of it, I gained my favourite job in the world.

In this post, I will talk about the best way to learn Japanese on your own and how to Learn Speak Japanese Free in One Two Three with a sneaky insider tip at the end.

Learn Speak Japanese Free in 123

What are the Benefits of Learning a New Language?

Keeping your mind busy does wonders for your brain, but not only that…. Its an amazing advantage for studying in general and will greatly improve your career prospects.

Here are 3 ways learning Japanese will improve your life:

Become a Multitasking Guru – Lets face it, Multitasking is complicated especially for those not used to it. I cannot recall the amount of times I have messed up doing simple multitasks. New study suggests that people who can switch between languages are multitasking champions and are less stressed within life and sustain a healthier lifestyle! This will be you soon 🙂

Use it or loose it – Remember that last time you lost all of your personal data (photos, videos and memories) from your phone or laptop? Like the saying goes “use it or loose it”, its so true. Your memory will supercharge and all the good things in your life will be that little closer to you. Simple daily conversations will require less time and energy trying to remember events or tasks. Just think about how many exams, tests and problem solving tasks will be easier. Its a no brainer!

Be Better than the Rest – In 2019 we are more connected than ever and a recent survey suggested that 89% of large corporations will hire multilingual employees as they recognise the benefits. Learning a new language also improves your first language, improving listening, social skills and so much more. “You have 2 ears and one mouth” is a saying in life for a reason.

Taking this new challenge will do you no harm… It’s exciting too!

Learning Japanese online was personally one of the best adventures in my life and I learned many transferable skills. I have impressed all my friends, seen and done unworldly things and improved my career prospects dramatically. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to make the most out of life! It goes so quick.

Learn to speak japanese free online

The best way to learn Japanese on your own

Learning a new language is easier than ever with the help of our old fiend… The internet.

I DON’T CARE what anyone says about learning a language, the best way to learn a language on your own is by fully immersing yourself.

This involves:

  • Listening – Audio books, self recordings and Japanese radio
  • Speaking – Voice recognition, apps like Hellotalk and recording your voice and playback
  • Reading – Japanese learning books (ones that you write in) and a dictionary
  • Direction – A tutor or online course to keep progress and development

If you apply all of these to your daily routine you will quickly understand, learn and develop Japanese. Take it from me, I wasted a lot of time without direction, I will talk more about this later..

Learn Speak Japanese Free in 123? – How I Became Fluent in 8 Steps

Short on cash or not got the money to enrol on a course yet? This is How to Learn Japanese Online Free!

All you will need:

Best japanese learning material

Number one rule – Learn Japanese Everyday… Did you read that? Write it in big on the front page of your new big book like this. LEARN JAPANESE EVERY DAY, because you need to immerse yourself within the realms of Japan. It will double your learning progress and you will become fluent faster!

The internet is full of information at the click of a button, ready to teach you something new. Here are 8 steps that I did everyday to fully immerse myself in Japanese along side 2 jobs and a relationship at the time.

Tips to learn Japanese from the Experts – Learning a language is fun, BIG mistake some people do is simple repetition. It is the quickest way to fail.

Multiple repetition is the key – Here is one easy way – Always use more than one training source to “change it up”. This will keep your routine mixed, prevents losing interest and giving up. Using these free learning steps along side a paid course is by far the fastest way to learn Japanese.


Anthony’s steps to success:


Jump on YouTube and plug this in

Learn Japanese Online Free


With your new big book, use it like a diary and everything you learn MUST go down on paper. Also, look online for the Romaji and Katakana translations. What really helped me was recap pages (every 4-6 pages into the book) I would recap and test myself.

Get into a habit of this, it will speed your learning up DRAMATICALLY getting used to the alphabets from the beginning.


Set yourself daily targets. For example, my targets were:

  • 6 new phrases (travel related, day to day and mutual conversation)
  • 4 new words
  • Listen to my audio files on every break time at work or on way to work. (Will make sense in the next point)

Therefore, my goals were almost always acheived making me feel good and progressing. Yes there were days I did not make it and that is fine. I am an inpatient learner and the more you study certain aspect, the longer the knowledge stays in your head.


Using your smart phone, use the voice recorder to record yourself saying the newly learned phrases and words, the meanings and then quiz yourself at the end. For example.


“Hello, test number one. Genki Desu means I am good or is good.” Later on in the recording I would have a question saying “How do you say I am good and use it in a sentence”.

Here is a couple other examples of these free to download.


This is the most important point because, you will recap all of your lessons from your book whilst busy doing other activities, it tunes your ears to Japanese and constantly test your knowledge.

Get yourself a Japanese dictionary from your local bookstore or library, keep it on you and when ever your interested in “how do you say this” and exploring words around you. Just make sure its an English and Japanese one like this one here on Amazon.com


Check out the Playstore or Apple apps for a free app or two for practising Hirigana, Katakana and Kanji. There are plenty to choose from and I can safely say I have used and completed 80% of them at some stage. A lot of them are actually fun, think about replacing your game time, TV time or extra comfy time for Japanese games. My personal favourites are:

Perfect for for first two alphabets
A fast learning app for need to know words






Jump online and see if any exchange students are looking for an English speaker (preferably Japanese), arrange to meet with them for a coffee and practise. Give each other 30 mins each on each language. Make it a weekly thing! Apps like HelloTalk make this incredibly easy.


Learning Japanese online free is one aspect, however being able to listen and understand Japanese is the hardest part. One way to supercharge you listening skills is by listening to Japanese Am radio stations. A simple search for Japanese Am apps. When you hear words you understand and want to learn, write them down and look them up in your dictionary.

Combine them all together, move through all the videos from Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced until you feel comfortable to start speaking to random Japanese people. You will be so proud of yourself before you know it and others will notice you speaking this impressive language too.

This is the Easiest Way to Learn Japanese

Yes you can learn this amazing language for free, but realistically most people go round in circles without direction. If you want to spend years doing just the free steps that is fine, but I recommend enrolling on an online language school or at least use their free trial to track your progress.

Applying all the steps below is what I did, but without some direction from someone who has been through it, its so easy to get overwhelmed, lost and give up.

I do not want to put you off learning online for completely free, but I personally made the mistake of wasting a lot of time using multiple free sources and not really following a main direction.

If I had a magical time machine, I would of gone back into the future and used one paid community source online and integrated all the free points above to keep track of my progress.  

This way you fully immerse yourself, and is by far the easiest way to learn Japanese online without stepping a foot in Asia.

My Honest Advise – Learn, Speak Japanese Free in 1, 2 Three

I am sure if you integrate the above free points you will “hit the ground running”.

Learn Speak Japanese Free

My biggest mistake was not enrolling sooner onto an online Japanese Language course and wasting so much time and energy searching online and relearning phrases and words. I remember at one point I got so lost I gave up, but the next day I rose from the dead.

I found that having a main hub to follow through was a easier way to keep track on my progress and branch out to other free means without going backwards in my study. Once I put it all together, I became fluent within 6 months.


Now… What I recommend you check out in 2019.

A quick screen grab from Rocket Languages – Back when I started, it only had just over 1000!

If your interested, sign up for a free trial and Use this coupon code (- Valid for 12 hours)

Now I say I became fluent within 6 months, but realistically, I spent a month and a half learning for free online and then enrolled on Rocket Languages. As mentioned above, this is where I regret not investing in myself earlier because my Japanese improved 10x within the first month.

I used this training program for around 6 months. I really was not learning the real Japanese until I enrolled however. Total learning time with the beginning was probably around 8 months to fluency.

I would highly recommend doing this if your looking for an easy way to learn Japanese without being overwhelmed, the smoothness of the course is addictive and the apps voice recognition is better than any other language courses I have ever used.

Take my advice and become the next Japanese Sensei! Do not give up, it will be easier than you think.

Anyway, enough about me. I would love to hear whats going on in your mind right now, leave me a message and I will reply to all comments below.

If you want to learn more about Rocket Language > Use this coupon code – Learn Speak Japanese Free Trial (automatically adds here)



Now what? If you haven’t already:

Learn Japanese Online for Free with IWANTTOBEJAPANESE.COM

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  1. This is very interesting and surely I will schedule the time to learn Japanese in 6 months. Thanks so much for the tips and your own testimony in getting it done.


  2. This sounds pretty awesome! I was so jealous of my daughter when she was learning Japanese in high school. I was stuck with French lol. My daughter was always top of the class and was chosen to help others because she was super keen.

    However, she learned the Kanji and not so much how to converse (as you mentioned). What steps do you recommend for someone like my daughter, to jump back in really learn to speak Japanese? Besides the obvious one of living in Japan 😉

    1. So lucky!!

      Well, your daughter learned the hardest part so the rest should be easy 🙂

      If she has the passion, definitely look into Rocket Languages as mentioned above. Their 5 star reviews say it all.


  3. Hello there Ant, very interesting read. I’ve never heard of Rocket Languages; I am going to enrol on the Free trail now 🙂

  4. Great article about learning Japanese, you made it sound very straightforward and achievable with some great techniques. I’m off to check them out!

  5. Hi, awesome site. I son used Rocket Languages for awhile and he is really good at french now! You make it sound so easy. Your post was very well put together and easy to read. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Sandra

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