Learn Japanese Online for Free – How I Became Fluent Online in 7 Steps

Learn to Speak Japanese for Free?

The idea of learning a language online is totally possible and with many good quality resources, it’s convenient and easy to Learn Japanese Online for Free.

On the other hand, its very easy to get overwhelmed, lost and give up…

Welcome to IwantToBeJapanese.com and as the name suggests, I want you to save time, save money and show you how the advanced study Japanese online in half the time most beginners do.

I will talk about the best ways to learn Japanese on your own, the best books and what I have used to become fluent without stepping a foot in Asia.

What you will learn today:

  • 5 Reasons you should learn Japanese
  • I want to learn Japanese -Where should I start?
  • Best books to learn Japanese in 2018
  • Free Japanese – How I became fluent in 7 steps
  • My words of wisdom

Let’s get into the deep exciting world of Japanese language!

Learn Japanese Online Free

Why Learn Japanese?

Spanish, French, and German were my options in school to learn alongside my other subjects, but Japanese was not even mentioned throughout my years… Why learn now?

Interesting story about me – Having ‘learning Japanese’ on my resume (CV) actually got me a job that turned out to completely change my career. I became an event manager in Australia and funny enough, I had no experience but my employer was fascinated at my will to learn such an interesting language, so I stand out from the crowd and I got the job.

Originally from London, I went traveling Aus at the age of 24 and along my way, I met some amazing Japanese people who were among the nicest people I had ever met. The love from them actually made me want to learn more about their culture, because all I knew before was the song “I think I am turning Japanese, I really think so!”…

After learning more about the culture, the challenge of learning one of the hardest languages in the world and it being one that has some of the best cities, food, and temples too was the LETS DO IT moment for me.

Why Learn Japanese - Iwanttobejapanese.com

Here are 5 reasons why you should learn Japanese

  1. You already know 10% of the language, for example. Pizza, Kangaroo, and sushi, put an Asian accent over them. POW, exactly the same, there are hundreds more.
  2. Its a challenge, but hell is it impressive! Even having a small amount under your skill belt is a party trick.
  3. It doubles your career prospects, relationship, and life skills fast. Many more doors open and opportunities for a happy life.
  4. Japanese people genuinely do not learn or speak many other languages. Unlike China, a large amount learn English and speak it. Japan needs you!
  5. You will never hear a bad story about holidays to Japan, many people even say how there is nothing like it.

Personally, since I have become a SenSei, I have amazed many of my friends and family who thought that its impossible. Just that has driven me further to teach help others.

How hard is it to Learn Japanese?

Brace yourself…

YES, Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn.

YES, it does have 3 alphabets

YES, its Chinese and Japanese syllables

Overwhelming right?

Actually, its kinda easy on the tongue and your be surprised, once you learn A E I O U your realise that its easier to pronounce than most Asian languages, making your learning time faster than you think. Especially if your from Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Spain, Sweden or Germany.

Learn Japanese at your own pace online
Learn at your own pace

I want to Learn Japanese – Where Should I Start?

Learning a new language is a journey and a rewarding one. Whatever initially inspired you or brought the thought to learn a new language, what was it? (leave a comment at the end, I would love to know yours)

Depending on the way you prefer to learn, some people prefer books, order, and reading. Others like myself are more kinetic learners. I enjoy listening, talking and engaging with others to practice.

Best books to learn Japanese in 2018 – See my list of books here at the bookstore!

My personal favorite that I used at the beginning of my language adventure can only be purchased here on Amazon.

The book is through all the way to the end and slowly progresses you as the reader to read and write in Hiragana, the first Japanese alphabet.

The author George Trumley who’s face I have seen more than my own left foot is a fantastic teacher.

On YouTube he has created over 100 videos in order for you to watch as you progress through the book, its a perfect way to double up your learning and completely immerse yourself within Nihongo (Japanese language). Not only that, it is interactive and George tests you too.

The best part about this book and course is that George will not teach you all the phrases you learn out of a Japanese travel book, but instead explain real conversations and phrases that Japanese people use to this day.

Within video 15 you will understand sentence structures which are known to be the hardest part of learning any language. For the price of $29, its totally worth the money.

I personally have all 4 of his books from the last year, here is one of his videos.

More of a kinetic learner? This one for you.

If you prefer to learn whilst having fun and experimenting more than books. Japanese101 will rock your world, its trial and most of it is completely free.

This is a really fun way to learn with others because the community within Japanese101 is smooth and quick at responding to your queries. Before reading more, have a glimpse here.

Within the program they will guide you along a set course, but also give you so many options to do flashcards, interact with others doing the same as you. When I signed up, shortly after I made friends with someone in the same position as me, we still speak to this day. His name is Ethan46 if you want to harass him on Japanese101 🙂

You will see Japanese101 all over the internet via Youtube videos, audio lessons, and blog posts. They have a large community.

The best part – You do not have to follow their structured course and go at your own level and speed. They have 100s of audio lessons which are perfect for learning on the go. Each topic is very specific and EVERYTHING IS DOWNLOADABLE for offline learning.

Apply for a free trial and use this coupon when you enroll at Japanese101 here.

Is there a Japanese Language Course Near Me?

Learning Japanese online is always a better long-term option because:

  • You can do it whenever time or day it suits you and around a working schedule
  • You can do it completely free using multiple platforms like the above two
  • You will learn all the words in a language course near you on your first Youtube video with George
  • You will spend 30 minutes going around the room saying “Hajimemashite, Watashi Wa Anthony desu”

However, this being said, doing a Japanese Language course part-time alongside your online activities would be a very good way to further test yourself.

According to a study, the average human can become fluent in any language if they participate in 10 hours a day every day for 3 months. If 5 hours a day, it will take 6 months. Which really is no time at all.

You have been waiting for this, here is my secret to success alongside the products above.

Learn Japanese Online for Free – How I Became Fluent in 7 Steps

If investing in your self is not an option currently, this is how to learn Japanese online for free!

YouTube, Japanese Dictionary, smartphone, Hiragana & Katakana app (for now), headphones and a big book (like this). All you need.

There are 1000s of videos and sentence structures online to assist you to grow. Here are the steps I did every day to fully immerse myself within the Japanese language alongside my 2 jobs and relationship at the time.

TIP from the experts – Always have more than one training source to keep your brain thinking. If you have multiple, you will not get bored, lose interest or slow down your learning progress.

Anthony’s steps to success:

Jump on YouTube and plug this in

Learn Japanese Online Free


With your new big book, write down what you have learned and pop onto Google and find out the Romaji and Katakana sentence structures and write it down next to the English translation.

Get into a habit of this, will speed your learning up DRAMATICALLY getting used to the alphabets from the beginning.


Set yourself daily targets. For example, my targets were:

  • 10 new phrases (travel related, day to day and mutual conversation)
  • 5 new words
  • Listen to my audio files on every break time at work or on way to work. (Will make sense in the next point)

Therefore, this reasonable target drove me to success, yes there were days I did not make it and that is fine. I am an inpatient learner and the longer you take the better the knowledge stays in your head.


Using your smartphone, use the voice recorder to record yourself saying the newly learned phrases and words, the meanings and then quiz yourself at the end. For example.


“Hello, test number one. Genki Desu means im good or is good.” Later on in the recording I would have a question saying “What does Genki Desu mean and use it in a sentence”.

Here is a couple other examples of these free to download.


You may look a little weird walking down the road with your headphones in answering your own questions out loud but gosh it really helped me over the months and will you too.

Get yourself a Japanese dictionary from your local bookstore or library, keep it on you and whenever your bored explore words around you. Just make sure its an English and Japanese one like this one here on Amazon.com


Check out the Playstore or Apple apps for a free app or two for practicing Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Plenty to choose from and I can safely say I have used and completed all of them at some stage. A lot of them are actually fun, think about replacing your game time, TV time or extra comfy time for Japanese games. My personal favorites are:

Perfect for for first two alphabets
A fast learning app for need to know words






Jump online and see if any exchange students are looking for an English speaker (preferably Japanese), arrange to meet with them for a coffee and practice. Give each other 30 mins each on each language. Make it a weekly thing!


Learning Japanese online free is one aspect, however being able to listen and understand Japanese is the hardest part. One way to supercharge your listening skills is by listening to Japanese Am radio stations. A simple search for Japanese Am apps. When you hear words you understand, write them down and words you want to understand.

Combine them all together, move through all the videos from Beginner, intermediate to advanced until you feel comfortable to start speaking to random Japanese people and you’ll be so proud of yourself before you know it and others will notice.

You Have Everything to Learn, Speak, Japanese Free!

Now, this may all be a lot to write down or take in, definitely share this page so you can find later when you need it.

Can I learn Japanese? Yes, you have everything you need…

If all of the above is messy and unorganized and you’re looking for a step by step with no steps skipped that’s all integrated together, to guarantee results fast and get you reading, writing and speaking Japanese in less than 3 months efficiently. Its all of the above and more into an easy course by one of the oldest language teaching leaders.

I recommend to invest in yourself from the beginning, save yourself the 100+ hours of time searching and learn from some of the best Japanese teachers for English speaking people.

This is my most recommended product for beginners or intermediates looking to ‘hit the ground running’ and grow on your new skill ahead of the rest because I found smoothness of this language course is ADDICTIVE! Not only that, this course is designed to not overwhelm, keeping a passion and love for learning the language. The voice recognition feature on the app is fantastic too.

Over 2000 Five Star Reviews now, when I enrolled back in 2017 it was not even a 1000!!

Rocket languages are built around audio in the form of dialogues. In English from the start, the dialogues have explanations to the phrases you learn. Learning Japanese online with audio is one of the fastest ways to speak, listen and learn. Makes Japanese easy to learn.

What I liked most about this online learning suite was the literacy components, I was reading and writing Hiragana & Katakana by course 2. They very cleverly teach you all the stokes for writing and in level 3, there are multiple videos for writing Kanji. If you are more of a hands-on learner, you will also love these courses.

Try it for free and if you love it too, get $50 off when you enroll-  Use this coupon code (automatically adds here) 

My Words of Wisdom

My biggest setback studying Japanese language online was not investing in myself earlier and wasting so many hours going back and forth over the same words using the internet. Yes, doing that saved me money, but at the end of it all, I still enrolled later on.

Use Rocket languages as your main core learning program and integrate free points from above, keeping it interesting.

This is an excellent, training material that will get anyone starting with Japanese faster than most and on the road to becoming a Japanese fluent speaker 🙂



Now what? If you haven’t already:


10 thoughts on “Learn Japanese Online for Free – How I Became Fluent Online in 7 Steps

  1. Greate article!
    I like how the methods of learning you talk about can be applied to learning other languages and even other skills! We were lucky enough at school to have Japanese as an option and I did take it for 2 years but after that I never got back into it.
    Have you any recommendations of mobile apps for learning Japanese? I see Duolingo has Japanese, any thoughts on that at all?


    1. Hi Tim,

      You must be from Australia or New Zealand to get that option in school 😀

      Yeah, two fantastic apps I used are Memrise and Hellotalk. I will be writing an article about them this week, thanks for the inspiration. Stay tuned!

      Kind regards,

  2. I like the idea of learning online as I can do it anywhere and anytime I want. It’s not always easy to fit in a scheduled class, and if you miss one, it’s even harder to catch up. Thanks for all of the info. You make it sound easy and I’m happy to hear that it can open up other job prospects. I will be giving it a go as I want to visit Japan soon. Cheers.

  3. Interesting article! learning or knowing a language aside from you mother tounge is always an edge.
    But I do believe that in order to be succesful, you have to submerge yourself to the language, changing your lifestyle/habit will help as well, example if you enjoy watching movie– intead of watching it to your language try watching it to the language that you are learning..
    And the quote “Practice makes perfect” applies on this occassion.
    Very well written.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have always wanted to go to Japan as i am sure its something like i have never experienced before and learning the language would be brilliant.
    Great information, i think the kinetic style of learning would suit me better so i i am going to head over and look at Japanese101.
    I know this is a hard language to learn but reading this page make me feel much more confident about actually doing it rather than thinking about doing it!

    Great post.

  5. Hi Ryan!
    As a constant traveler I feel the one thing the American educational system has missed the boat on is making learning a second language mandatory. I spend a of of my time in Norway, Iceland and Sweden and the english that these people speak is impressive! Much better then the average American. I’ve been learning the Norwegian language (Difficult!) and am really enjoying my new found skill. I loved your article and will be incorporating some of these ideas into my own learning regime.

    If Japanese is next, I will definitely use your free tips to learn japanese online for free 🙂


  6. Konnichiwa Anthony. I’m from Adelaide, I believe you’ve been here before. It’s definitely a little smaller than Tokyo 🙂 Awesome article you’ve referenced so many great sources to learn the language. I love the Japanese language, I’ve always wanted to learn the basics. Am considering taking a trip to Japan in the next few years so will bookmark your site so I can access a few of the books and sites you’ve recommended here. Sayonara, Rachael 🙂

  7. Hello,
    I enjoyed visiting your site. It looks very professional with some terrific info on learning Japanese and the benefits of doing so. Thanks for sharing.

    I am doing the Rocket free train now and really like it

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