Is Japanese Hard to Learn? #4 Big Mistakes Your Making Right Now

A little overwhelmed? One of the biggest questions I get every week is Is Japanese Hard to Learn?


Is it hard to Learn Japanese

Before you overwhelm yourself and give up before even starting, I want to dig a little deeper into this question because I remember being a little overwhelmed when I first started learning Japanese online, but you’ll be surprised how quick I became fluent!

Before we start, my name is Ant and I have been studying Japanese for just over 2 years now. Originally from London I found it difficult at first to get my head around Japanese language, but after 4–8 months I became fluent from online courses, eBooks and a LOT OF DEDICATION 🙂

My recent post explains how I did this – Learn Japanese Online Free in 7 Steps.

Why is Japanese Hard to Learn – 4 Big Mistakes Everyone Makes

A new language, where the heck do I start? Well… First you should know…

Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn. Yes, well I was told that at the beginning. But because of this, not many English speakers learn Japanese or can speak both Japanese and English.

Meaning a huge opportunity for careers, social and impressiveness. What I am trying to say is its a REALLY IMPRESSIVE SKILL to have.

When I started learning Japanese, I was travelling Australia. My second city was called Melbourne (VIC). Here I met some amazing Japanese friends who inspired me to take the plunge into the Asian culture and language.

I started with a search online…


Is Japanese Hard to Learn for English Speakers?

It is believed that English speakers prefer to learn Love languages like French and Spanish. Also having these options in school promote learning of an earlier age.

Generally these types of languages are easier to learn as sentence structures are similar and they use the same alphabet syllables.

Learning an Asian language is completely different and sentence structures are generally reversed making it harder to get grips with speaking. But like anything, practise makes perfect and plenty of repetition really helped me overcome this.

Is it Hard to learn Japanese?

5 days later I moved on to my next city in Australia (Surfers Paradise) where I ended staying for 2 months! I was so dedicated to learning Japanese that I actually added it to my resume.

And you never guess what… That actually got me the best job I have ever had, just because it impressed my employer and made me stand out from the crowd.

With that on your mind, lets break into the 4 biggest mistakes

Japanese Lessons near me – Brilliant if you want to become fluent in 5 years time (sarcasm). The reason I say this, many people who go to Japanese school (outside of Asia) learn incredibly slow..

The biggest mistake about looking for “Japanese lessons in my area”  are:

  • They normally cost 30-60% more than most Learn Japanese Online Courses and require a large upfront fee.
  • Most of the lessons are to be quite frank, slow tedious processes. You will spend 30 mins going around the class saying “Hello, my name is Anthony”. Which really is not good value for money.
  • Time schedules mean that you need to attend times that may not be beneficial for you. Especially if you have other commitments like work, relationships or family. If you miss a class, it feels like you take 2 steps back!

Take it from someone who has tried these, its normally a big waste of time and money. BUT DO NOT WORRY, Keep reading, I have got something for you better.

Private Japanese Lessons Near Me – Perfect for millionaires.

Alright, I know I am being too sarcastic, but…

Having a private tutor whilst learning any new skill will make it easier, but rely on the once or twice a week lesson simply is not enough to become fluent within a year. Realistically, if your going on a Japanese Learning adventure, you want to do it right ay?

The only problem is cost, its not easy finding someone who has:

  • Low prices
  • Be able to do bulk lessons for discount
  • Be available whenever you need them
  • And qualified to know structure training and the correct approach for English t Japanese

Like learning any new skill, it takes dedication, motivation and at least a want. You have read this far so I think your ready 🙂

Is Immersion The Best Way to Learn Japanese?


Is it hard to learn Japanese
This is me and my language exchange friends back in 2016. (4 months into study)

Immersion is the best way to learn Japanese, become fluent and keep your long term memories longer.

I fully immersed my self with Audio books, my own voice recordings, books/ e books, Youtube videos, Japanese language partners and watching Japanese movies. By the end I had 3 books without space left from my own writing!

I know what your thinking, people always say this all the time. “Oh you must like anime!”

Well actually, I really didn’t have any interests in anime, however when one of my Japanese friends recently MADE (yeah forced me to watch it) I actually enjoyed it a lot.

It was called Your Name. Actually really good movie, lots of easy words to learn for beginners especially with subtitles too.

One of the biggest mistake a student makes is not fully immersing themselves into the language enough. They end up struggling, frustrated and giving up.

On a Scale of 1 to 10 How Hard is it to Learn Japanese?

One being the lowest and the least difficult and ten being extremely difficult to almost impossible.

My verdict is 7 out of 10. It’s not impossible, just put your head to it and you will achieve incredibly fast.

YES – It is difficult and I do get questions every week asking How Hard is it to Learn Japanese but I want to reassure you, do not get overwhelmed early. Read through the steps and always take your time around. There is no rush.

Once you understand how the Japanese language structures (which you will be taught early on within Rocket languages) and in which order they are, its fairly simple. Examples like this:

Is Japanese Hard to Learn

Japanese Lessons Near Me 

I definitely  recommend having a view here for local lessons to supplement your online efforts.

However, if you wish to save money and time I suggest you check out Rocket Languages.

I actually used Rocket Languages along side E books, Physical school books and language exchange apps. The reason why I think this is a better idea than a local teacher is because:

  • I found it surprising easy to start but without feeling overwhelmed. Being part of the community was a real reassurance for me and inspired me to not give up.
  • The price is a one off and they have a free trial.
  • The voice recognition app is amazingly useful and everything is structured as if you have your own tutor guiding you through steps and stages. It know when you have not completed a section too, so no cheating! 🙂
  • The learning process is smooth and actually addictive, I have tried many language courses but this one definitely made Japanese a lot easier to learn as a beginner to higher intermediate.


Its like having a Japanese Lesson Near you that is so close, its anytime that suits you.

If you use this link below when using the free trial, you get $50 off if you enrol within 7 days.
Rocket languages has different promotions but that is definitely one of the best ones so far.



Is Learning Japanese Worth It?

Personally, learning Japanese changed my life. It turned my boring 9 till 6 job into something that will never get old. Having gone through being scared at first to try and talk to being fluent just to this day still amazes myself. I feel like I can conquer anything 🙂

I love what I have achieved and it makes my days brighter knowing that I can help others, teach others and looked at by my friends/family as an impressive individual.

Having more than one language within your skill set is very useful for careers, opportunities and holidays. You only live once.

If you type into any search engine “is Japanese hard to learn” you will get negative points that will shine brighter than the positive. If you really want to achieve something, you will!

Just do it with guidance and tutors with an online community and practise everyday. Never skip a day.

What are the Benefits of Learning Japanese?

Keeping your Einstein noodle refreshed and constantly learning will always keep your brain ready for everyday norms. Not only that, it makes daily tasks much less frustrating study suggests.

Here are 3 ways learning Japanese will improve your life:

Become a Multitasking Guru – Lets face it, Multitasking is not easy especially for those who don’t do all day everyday. I cannot remember the amount of times I have messed up doing daily multitasks. Language study suggests that people who are multilingual are multitasking deviants who are less stressed throughout life and sustain a healthy mental health! This will be you soon 🙂


Use your Einstein – Otherwise known as Use it or Loose it!  Your memory will supercharge and simple daily conversations will require less time and energy trying to remember events or tasks. Just think about how many exams, tests and problem solving tasks will be easier. Its a no brainer!


Be Better than the Rest – In 2019 we are more connected than ever and a recent survey suggested that 89% of large corporations will hire multilingual employees as they recognise the individual benefits to businesses. Learning a new language also improves your first (English) improving listening, social skills and so much more. You have 2 ears and one mouth is a saying in life for a reason.


Taking this new challenge will do you no harm… It’s exciting too!

Learning Japanese online was personally one of the best adventures in my life and I learned many transferable skills. I have impressed all my friends, seen and done unworldly things and improved my career prospects dramatically. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to make the most out of life! It goes so quick.

Is Japanese Hard to Learn?

Personally I think that many people struggle when they simply do not put enough time into learning something new.

I honestly love learning new skills and learning Japanese is and has been my favourite of them all. Everything is hard when you do not have direction or not know where to start. It has been an incredibly fun journey with its ups and down.

Once you get the hang of the language structure you ahead of most beginners!

My biggest tip for you – Just make sure when you learn phrases, words or structures that you use them whenever you can to further improve your memory. I talk a lot more about ways to do this in my post 7 Steps to Learn Japanese Online Today.

Alternatively, if you are ready to try a really good online language learning community, like before I recommend looking at the prices or a free trial at Rocket Languages. 


Remember, this link will give you a discount when you enrol within the next 7 days, it saved me a lot of money 🙂



Now what? If you haven’t already:

8 thoughts on “Is Japanese Hard to Learn? #4 Big Mistakes Your Making Right Now

  1. Hey Ant,
    I feel like you and my brother would click. He is a huge fan of the Japanese language and culture in general. I like how you broke it down for your readers in a way that was easy to understand.

    You highlighted the difficulties of learning as well as you did the rewards. Very informative article and makes me want to go eat some sushi.

  2. Great post and humor 🙂 I am travelling to Japan in a few weeks. Any recommendation what to do if I just want to pick up some basic stuff for conversations while travelling?

  3. Wow! Great website to learn Japanese. There are some good job opportunities if you master in a few foreign languages. Japanese is one among them. My husband had a great opportunity to work in Japan after he finished learning the language. Currently, I am learning German. I will definitely give a try with Japanese too.

  4. I am an avid lover of language studies, so this post makes me really happy! I had no idea how much more expensive it was to learn Japanese than other popular languages, but it makes total sense. I am probably heading to Japan in the spring, so will reference your post for resources when I go!

  5. Wow, what a great post – I actually read through all of it 🙂 I totally agree that companies want multi-lingual employees and being fluent in Japanese would put you on that short list. How did you learn the symbols? Was it easier to learn those first and the language itself later or in reverse? Kudos for sticking to it and good luck in your future endeavors!

  6. That’s a really cool way to learn a language. Who doesn’t dream occasionally of dropping everything and learning a new language and culture. The cool part is that you actually DID it. Way to go. I really like the language software ideas you had, I will need to check them out!

  7. Oh wow! I thought you would have given Japanese a harder language rating. 7 does not seem so bad, especially when you agree to immerse yourself in the culture. You must have have picked up Japanese in under a year I suppose. That is quite surprising.

    I do have a question though. What is the best foreign work program to learn Japanese? I am graduating from UC Santa Cruz soon and I want to consider all my options before I graduate.

    Thank you in advance and I hope you make it a great day!

  8. This is an awesome post with so much insight. When I heard Japanese i had a notion already of how difficult the language was(with some of my old high school mates), but I had no idea how slow the learning process is. But I’m happy that you can take the faster route, and it doesn’t have to take years to understand, and time of money, and sitting in classes. You’ve got a great formula here. I speak Spanish and English, and sometimes I think that’s too much, but there’s always more to know. Thank you!

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