My Japanese Language Learning Adventure – About Ant

Hello, my name is Anthony, the founder of this website and a genuine learner of Japanese.

My inspiration for creating this website was to inspire others just like I was and to further improve my education within the realms of this fascinating language… Japanese.

My story

I am 26 years old, always had a love for traveling and from the heart of London.

Being from London most my life, the want to learn and understand another language was not acquired until I set off traveling at the age of 24 to the down under, Australia.

My first week in Australia
My first week in Australia

I flew out from Heathrow airport to South Australia (Adelaide) and began my journey to travel around Australia without a care in the world.

Shortly after hitting the next city Melbourne, I made my first Japanese friend who to this day is still one of my best friends. I realized the number of Japanese people in the city was large and began hanging out with a group who were studying English from Osaka, Japan.

What made me want to learn Japanese?

One of the main reasons why I decided to start learning the language was because of the people, they genuinely were the nicest people I had ever met and were beautiful souls inside and out.

When I finally hit Japan at the age of 26 I was fairly good at speaking, reading and writing and not disappointed at all because I had learned it all online.

Before I started – The internet has always been my power platform for learning new skills for me. After reading that Japanese is supposedly one of the hardest languages in the world to learn, I rose to the challenge.

This was because I had heard about so many amazing experiences in Japan and I really wanted to one day immerse myself, experiencing my own then bring back some stories for the family.


My idea behind is to help others who like me, wanted to get deep into this facilitating language without going straight to Japan, those like me who wanted to learn at my own time at a fraction of the cost.

I knew writing about it, learning and completely immersing myself would be the best way and I am happy with my progress today.

It is not that hard – Japanese is a hard language to understand at first but once you’ve have the core it’s actually one addictive language to learn. It really did a world of wonders for me within in my career and social life.

In fact, “Studies Japanese” on my resume actually got me a very good job in Australia, my employer was simply impressed by my will to learn such a different language to westerners.

Me and my friends

How Learning Japanese Changed My Life

Today, I am a tour guide in Japan, never made so much money and I happier than ever!

I hope my story is similar to yours or inspires you.

You have an amazing road ahead of you and bookmarking this site will further help your progress 🙂

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment on the Contact section and I will try get back to you ASAP.

Kind regards,